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    The CDH Hotel is close to St. George’s Castle, a fortress of medieval origins that is symbolic of La Spezia. The hotel is just 86 metres from the castle and thus, the latter is reachable in less than a minute on foot along the Via XX Settembre towards Via Indipendenza where you can take the S. Giorgio / Via Indipendenza elevator and then turn right into Via XXVII Marzo.

    The castle is the town’s most iconic monument and is representative of the entire city.  It is situated on a small hill called a “Poggio” and has undergone several phases of construction. The castle’s origins can be traced back to 1262 when its construction was begun by Nicolò Fieschi.

    In 1273, the castle was destroyed by the Genoese and subsequently rose again like the Phoenix from the ashes at the end of the fourteenth century as it was rebuilt on the earlier remains of the building. In 1443, the walls were rebuilt, and the main body was added beneath the castle. The most significant works which have effectively given us the structure that we can admire today, were undertaken from 1607.

    The fortress retained clear medieval characteristics up to the middle of the fifteenth century when, with the introduction of artillery, particularly thick walls were built with slits to facilitate the use of firearms in defence of the castle against any threats of invasion. The interiors of the castle date back to the beginning of the 17th century.  Under the entrance, along the oldest part of the structure, you can still see the remains of the original drawbridge.

    The location of the 4 Star CDH Hotel, so close to the Castello San Giorgio in La Spezia, makes it possible to admire the entire structure with ease and also to visit the Ubaldo Formentini Civic Archaeological Museum which is housed inside the fortress. The Museum is home to numerous finds that have been uncovered during excavations of the area which bear testament to a legacy that ranges from prehistory to the Middle Ages.