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4 Star Hotel La Spezia Offers

With the special offers from the 4 Star CDH Hotel in La Spezia, you will be able to spend a relaxing holiday at unbeatable prices in a strategic location.

The hotel is actually situated in the heart of the city, in the historic centre, close to the port and not more than a 3 minutes’ walk from the railway station.

Therefore, the hotel is the perfect place in which to stay for any kind of trip and for anyone who is planning a visit to La Spezia. Guests can take advantage of the special offers which are constantly being updated and are often geared towards particular times of year with specific features or catering to a particular kind of traveller.

Amongst these offers you will find the “Non-refundable-10% discount,” a special rate which includes an overnight stay, a buffet breakfast served in our breakfast room, free Wi-Fi access, VAT and services included with a 10% discount and a free minibar!


One of the most popular offers at the CDH Hotel in La Spezia is “Book in advance – 12% discount with breakfast included,” a rate which guarantees guests a discount of 12% on the standard pricing.

This offer requires pre-payment which is non-refundable and includes an overnight stay, a full buffet breakfast, free Wi-Fi access, VAT and services and a 12% discount with a free minibar!

“A 2 night stay – 8% discount with breakfast included,” also ensures an 8% discount on the standard pricing for those who stay for a minimum of 2 nights.

This offer includes an overnight stay, a full buffet breakfast, free Wi-Fi access, VAT and services and a free minibar.

None of the offers include the hotel tax which works out at €2.50 per person per night.

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