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Palio of the Gulf

88° edition in La Spezia, on Sunday, August 4 will be held the Palio of the Gulf in the sea of the…
88° edition in La Spezia, on Sunday, August 4 will be held the Palio of the Gulf in the sea of the promenade Morin, 13 teams will compete.


  • Friday, August 2 h 9.00 pm - Parade of Townships and their chariots through the streets of the center of La Spezia. Chariots awards

  • Saturday, August 3 h 8.00 pm - dinner under the stars in the streets of the city center, Dinner of the Townships

  • Sunday, August 4 h 7.30 pm - Palio of the Gulf  |  h 10.30 pm - fireworks on the sea

The blue path

This is the path most famous and spectacular route through the centuries by those who used it to move.
Eminently walkable, but do not forget that it is still a path, where you can find bottlenecks, whether slippery cliffs. Prudence . As with all releases of trekking, we need prudence.
The trail from Riomaggiore to Monterosso and length of about 12 km and the maximum amount (200) is touched to Prevo, small but quaint village of Vernazza.
This is the path N. 2 of C.A.I. La Spezia, but is best known as the "blue path". The entire route is marked with a white stripe and a blue one. Except for the "Way of Love," which dates back to the thirties, is a very ancient route known at the time of the Republic of Genoa, when Vernazza was the airport and the main market area. To follow the trail takes about 5 hours to go through a vertical drop of 500 m. But time is doubled if you make short visits to the villages. The ideal is to have at least a few days to and split the journey in stages.

WARNING: on the transit path 2 is subject to payment of a ticket (daily) cost of Euro 5.00/persona. As an alternative, we recommend the purchase of the "Cinque Terre Card"

IMPORTANT NOTE: As of today, the blue path is closed between Manarola and Corniglia due to a large landslide that severely damaged the trail. As an alternative trek to reach Corniglia Manarola we recommend the path -> Volastra the path 6 and Volastra-> Corniglia on 6 / D. Total time 120-150 min.